Your Defintion Goes BEYOND DancerMP Athletics is all for empowering not just the dancer, also the self. Shop NowNew Looks ArrivingKeeping this in mind, all MP Athletics pieces are black. To us, the color black represents every color coming together to create one dynamic force. These all black pieces can be worn in class, at conventions, and even on stage at competitions… wherever dancers can be found expressing themselves.Click HereNew MP Athletics SweatshirtSupporting Dynamic Dancers Click Here

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About MP Athletics

MP combines the two names of our founder: Melissa and Pookie. 

In the classroom and in business meetings, she goes by her real name: Melissa. When out with friends or on the dance floor, she is known by her childhood nickname: Pookie. She is the queen of balancing and celebrating multiple elements of her personality, and she has worked that into the ethos of MP Athletics.

Growing up as a dancer, taught Melissa that athletic women are power houses, who are way more than just their sport or craft. She learned that whether you are perfecting your latest dance routine or running errands to throw a to die for theme party, you need to look good while doing it. This is why all of MP Athletic’s pieces are classic, fierce, and all black.

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The MP Athletics team’s mission is to constantly work on becoming more inclusive and creating even more pieces that accentuate the beauty of EVERY dancer’s body.

As we continue to grow, we will continue to expand sizes, create new designs, and utilize customer feedback to improve.

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Our Mission:

Quality. Confidence. Passion

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